We deliver classical Kathakali performances throughout the UK to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of south India. Our company includes world class artists from Kerala who provide an unforgettable experience of Kathakali - a performance that embraces storytelling, dance, drama, music, costumes and make-up.

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Education and Community

We come directly to you and provide specially designed practical workshops and performances. Through our participatory activities, suitable for all ages and abilities, we make Kathakali and the culture of South India accessible and enjoyable to all.

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We hire out our full set of Kathakali costumes to museums and galleries, creating a colourful exhibition that explores the cultural heritage of Kathakali and south India. To enhance the exhibition we offer workshops and performances that are individually tailored to your needs.

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Special Projects

We collaborate with schools, organisations and community groups to find new and exciting methods to celebrate the arts, culture and heritage. We are especially interested in activities that advocate diversity.

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Kathakali Touring Troop, Exhibitions, Schools, Workshops & Training

The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company is the leading Kathakali group outside of India. Our vision is to make Kathakali accessible, understandable and enjoyable to people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds throughout the UK and internationally.