Hi Barbara here - we are delighted to welcome Sophie as a volunteer for the Kathakali - Carnival Heritage Project. Trained in costumes, sets and backstage at Canterbury University Sophie is naturally interested in learning more about the Kathakali costumes and make up. She will be helping with the installation of our Kathakali costumes at Southampton City Art Gallery opening May 13th until 19th August 2017. Handling valuable heritage objects that are sacred will provide a new way of considering how to display an exhibition. Sophie will be coming to the Kathakali costume conservation workshop on Saturday 15th July 2017 at Southampton City Art gallery as one of the varied Activity Days available. Sophie will also be accompanying us as part of our Education Programme to see how we present Kathakali and it`s cultural heritage to a variety of ages. Hope you enjoy your time with us Sophie! If anyone else would like to volunteer please contact us.


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