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Our performances are presented by world class artists from Kerala and we endeavour to make our audiences to feel welcome and valued. Your comments are very helpful.

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“It was amazing, to be able to witness a genuine south Indian ritual performance like that, in the comfort of St Georges! I came away quite mesmerised from watching the succession of minute movements, gestures and expressions!”- St Georges, Bristol - volunteer.

The comments and feedback from your visit have been so amazing. Everyone really enjoyed it and had a wonderful time. Adults and children alike were totally absorbed by Kathakali – Thank you. St Georges Bristol

It was incredible that we had such a wonderful performance in our area and secondly that it was such a high quality, professional performance that has not been experienced before, or might be experienced again, in our small village, Whiteparish Village Hall

It was so lovely to have so many children and parents from our academy and from the local community in the hall - it really was something special. Karen Brooker – Head Teacher Whitesheet Academy, Zeals.

“I have never seen anything like this before”. – audience member Southbank Centre, London

“The artist`s just keep getting better and better” – Garry Laybourne _ “You can`t see Kathakali as good as this in Kerala” – person from Kerala

“It was an absolute pleasure for the whole Southbank Centre team to work with you to make this event happen. I can truly say that your workshops and performance was a highlight of the festival that uniquely informed, enchanted and entertained the huge audience for the entire day. We also felt it was very moving to see such a mixed crowd watch with such interest and attention.” Rachel Harris - Creative Producer, Festival Development, Southbank Centre, London

“Thank you for bringing such quality work to Chichester, we never get Asian theatre here and normally have to go to London.” Audience member.

“We never expected to see Kathakali in Chichester, it was great to see something from our part of India” – a family from Kerala. “The children loved it, the colours were stunning”- mother.

“I came to your Worthing performance yesterday with nine others and it was everything I hoped for and more. Transporting me into a world of extremes, subtle delicacy, deep passions, and great power, woven together by the highest qualities of musicianship, dance, acting, and mime that was presented in a simple setting without scenery . This, with the richest of colours and fantastic costume filled me with respect and a great desire to find more ways to appreciate my own culture. The drama helped reinforce my feeling of unity with, and support for, the underlying sacredness of life and love of our differences both past and present. I send you appreciation and thanks for your inspiring work and the wonderful experience you have given me”. Merry Curd

“I wanted to email to thank you and the company for taking the time to meet the Arts Award student Group yesterday afternoon. They absolutely loved the show, and all felt very lucky to have witnessed the makeup process. They will be using the show as part of a post-show discussion during their next Arts Award session. From a personal point of view, I feel very privileged to have been able to see the Kathakali performance and the makeup process. It was certainly the most amazing thing I have seen at Norden Farm in the 4 years I have been here. Robyn Bunyan, Education Officer – Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

“The event was most enjoyable, with true dedication by the team. I just loved the whole event as one of the most memorable”. Rais Hasan - Photographer “I was in a state of wonder at your performance! It was amazing to have the privilege of seeing Kathakali and to be aware of the wonder of Kathakali! I feel truly blessed to have seen such a spectacular performance. Kathakali has enriched not only my life but many others too.- Sue Sirit.

“Coming from Kerala It was a “dream come true” for all of us and a magical night for the Glasgow Temple to have a live Kathakali performance! The feedback we have had was extraordinary from everybody in the audience. Gopinathan from Kerala and lead promoter

“Thank you for giving me a chance to play edeka [drum] on stage alongside such world-class artists as Kalamanadalam Krishnadas and Kalanilayam Manoj, I will never forget this opportunity in my whole life” – Renjit - from Kerala and now settled in Glasgow.

“Thank you for bringing such quality artists into the centre for us all to enjoy” – Asian member of the audience.

We feel very fortunate to have welcomed the Kala Chethena Kathakali Theatre Company into our community and the energy brought to us by this amazing company will continue to ripple and inspire us, as a community, to promote further arts activities and events.” Ian Prescott - promoter

Strachur Youth Drama Group had the amazing experience of watching a performance of KATHAKALI. We have all been blown away by the skills of all the actors, singers, musicians and the make-up artist. The children have not stopped talking about it and I have no doubt it will be one of those moments they will remember for a lifetime! It was an experience not to be missed !!!!!!! Thanks to the Kala Chethena Kathakali Company who where amazing !!”. Strachur Drama Group.

“The enactment of Kathakali in Aberdeen was a unique opportunity for many in the region to appreciate the classical theatre in all its finesse. Many commented that it was an unforgettable performance and the skill of the artistes entranced them all. A few who watched Kathakali for the first time were totally enthralled, some others who have watched in the past were gratified at the opportunity to feel at home. Arun Pilia – Kerala community Aberdeen.

“It really is impossible to express how much we loved having you here with us on St Agnes! There aren't words that can convey how much the children gained through working with you all. Their singing during the workshop was quite astounding and their confidence grew throughout the day. We all loved the meal on the beach- there were memories made last week that will stay on the islands forever.” Lou Simmonds, Head Teacher, St Agnes Base – Five Islands School – Isles of Scilly

“I have been a theatre technician for 25 years and have never seen anything like Kathakali before!” Dermont – technician for Exeter Phoenix.

“ I trained in Bharathanatyam in India for 15 years and have seen Kathakali many times but this is the best I have ever seen. Everything was so perfect –music, acting, costumes – wonderful.“ audience member from France.

“I have spent a lot of time near mount Kailash [Lord Siva`s mountain home in the Himalayers] and when I saw Kathakali I felt a special kind of spirituality” – audience member

“Many thanks for visiting us, the performance was amazing and for Deaf students the visual quality of Kathakali had the students engaged and focused throughout. The make-up and costumes were inspiring and wonderful, and by using an ancient sign language to tell a story, it was easily followed by our students who are sign language users”. Mark Stocks - teacher

“Thank you for coming to Dwight International School yesterday. It was, as always, a fantastic experience, the workshops were brilliant and show amazing. It was a real privilege for the children to see such quality international work in their school, especially children from a non-western background. The students were fully engaged throughout the performance as indicated by their enthusiastic standing ovation at the end. Fiona Kennedy – Head of Drama Dwight School.

“Thank you all so much for coming to our village and for giving us an unforgettable experience. The local school were very impressed and did a presentation on the workshop and performance at school assembly on Monday. Carolyn, Derek, Ella and Alice Corlett - promoters

“It was so good to see your performance at Lanfranc School, Croydon. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent is all I can say!! . Wonderful musicians, Great actors, Fantastic make up. I am so proud of you and your achievements. Hope more people manage to see this wonderful company”. Lata Desi

“Superb artists, I am proud to be a Malayalee!” - Jayaprakash

“Tonight made a huge impact on the local Kerala community, the demonstration and film helped people access and enjoy the performance even more. Next time we could provide workshops in local school to increase the audience.” – Prakash – promoter

“It was truly an honour and wonderful to be with you all over the past few days. Everyone we spoke to had positive comments about the event and Gaunt House staff said that it was the best festivals that they had ever staged. Our warmest best regards” - David and Jill – Gaunts House.

“Kathakali is everything to me, I love everything about it! Something I will never forget – audience.” Ann Hare – folk singer.

“Superb, what an inspiration” – Usufi - storyteller

“We thought your performance on Thursday was outstanding. It's amazing that you've been doing this for so long - it must be very demanding, but perhaps it's keeping you young! Your attention to detail and the sheer spectacle is wonderful - long may you continue. The performance made a memorable start to the WOMAD festival 2015”. David Eno – web site designer and artist.

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