Special Projects

Kathakali meets Carnival 2016 - 2017

An exhibition of Kathakali and Carnival costumes supported by wokshops and performances.

This exciting project kindly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund was inspired by the colour, energy and history shared by Kathakali and Carnival.

The desire to dance, play music, tell stories and decorate our bodies has existed since people became aware of their identity and is an integral part of our unique and rich heritage.

Traditions carried through migration illustrate the importance that people play in the preservation of our culture and ultimately our identity as individuals and as a society.

About the Kathakali – Carnival Project

The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company, Bharathanatyam, Southampton City Art gallery, Dimbola Museum and Galleries, New Carnival Company, Calypso, Wessex Film and Sound Archives and the local communities of Southampton and the Isle of Wight will work together to create this exciting project.

The project will include two exhibitions of Kathakali and Carnival at Southampton City Art Gallery.

Activity days and workshops will be running throughout the exhibition.