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The workshops explore how an actor tells a story through, gesture, emotion and characters.

Our Kathakali development workshops incorporate new exciting areas of study to include Kathakali into music, Kathakali into abstract performance art, creative face painting, Kathakali masks, costume conservation, Anthropology, RE, Hinduism and ritual plus more .....

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"It [the workshop] was good because I learn`t things that I didn`t know and now I can show people who don`t know". 

"It was good because it was interesting to watch and experience how Indian people dance traditionally"

"Why do you have to do weird dances - they were very interesting but they were really weird"

"I found this morning really funny and I rate it 9/10"

"I loved the dancing with VJ"

"In the morning we learned to do Indian dancing and in the afternoon we learned about different types of clothing from different places."

"It was really strange at the start but I really enjoyed learning. In the end I learned that you can speak to people through dancing"

"I really liked it and now I can know more about Indian dance and celebrations."

"Today I learned about Kathakali sign language and I really liked it because it was fun"

Some Comments from Cherry Orchard Primary School 15th March 2019. 

" I found the talk very interesting and learnt about different cultures in different countries. I also found it interesting to learn how humans developed."

" I liked learning the history of clothing because it showed how recent events were to do with clothes. I was sad because it shows that people were not allowed ot express their opinion       through what they wear."

"I liked the workshop because we got to write about things that are important to us."

"I have enjoyed everything - to be honest I am very inspired. One things that could be worked on is more interaction so everyone feels involved."

"I really enjoyed this activity and gaining new knowledge and an insight into a different culture and religion. I also enjoyed the facial expressions.I really enjoyed this workshop because I learned about clothes from different places and cultures".

"I found it fun because we got to stand up and do it ourselves."

"Today i have learned some sign language that is 4,000 years old".

"I learned that early humans wore leather and fur clothing, their shoes were made from grass [like socks] and leather and were waterproof."

Some comments from Chestnut Grove Academy 13th March 2019. 

"Thank you so much for today. Everyone really loved it and got a good deal out of the experience. The workshop was at precisely the right level and they were able to understand and engage in breaking things down. The make-up demo and the performance were superb. Elizabeth, from St Dominic's, has sent her thanks and appreciation. Thank you and I hope we meet again."

 St Julian's International School, Carcavelos, Portugal. Nov 2018

comments from Caroline, Head of Drama and Theatre

"The breakdown of each element of the performance technique, exploring the mudras, facial expressions and movements, the chance for the students to explore different cultures and to consider how we communicate.

The workshop was well organised, energetic and excellent communication throughout the session". Hockerill College, Herts. Oct 2016

comments from students - Hockerill College

  1. It helped me to see the importance of colour in many aspects of Indian art.

It gave me a different perspective on drama.
  1. It showed me the way that Indian theatre works with culture and how movement is used in a religious background.

  2. How we don`t need words to communicate with each other.

  3. Kathakali helped me to understand that not all theatre is the same and that there are lots of ways to express feelings.

  4. It demonstrated that complex stories can be theatrically told via non verbal means.

  5. It showed me different styles of acting.

"It was a really enjoyable experience, very beneficial for the children to have out of school visitors, especially a male role model!"Ringwood Junior School, Hampshire.

"Thanks so much for a wonderful day. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope we can book you again next year. We thought that Barbara and Vijayakumar were encouraging, supportive and had high expectations of our students – thank you".Ellie Mockler - Downlands Community School, Hassocks, Sussex.

"I particularly enjoyed learning about such a different form of theatre, and thinking about how we could incorporate the techniques involved whilst always being respectful of cultural identity. As an art-form it opened my eyes to the intense work and commitment needed to be a Kathakali Actor/Make-up artist".Nick - Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, Kent.


"There wasn't anything that I didn't like!"

"We loved the dancing"

"It was very interesting"

"I liked how they showed us what to do and then we had a go."

"We loved having Bradley because he helped everyone."

"I loved making the mask and adding lots of colours."


"The children were able to learn many facts and then have a go which helped them to deepen their knowledge. They thoroughly enjoyed the drama, they were all very engaged.

Having the chance to make a Kathakali mask allowed them to experiment with different colours and styles and to understand the drama, dance and costumes involved even more." - Bittern Manor Primary School, Southampton 2015.

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