The Future

The Future

Sadly full night performances have declined over the last 40 years along with audience. Many people have a car and when their favourite artist has performed the audience often leave.


Coconut Tree

This is a worrying time for Kathakali as more artists perform on a self employed basis and the ethos of the Kali Yogam is diminishing. It is vital that Kathakali returns to its roots and the whole reason for performing Kathakali is questioned. The younger artists need support for Kathakali to progress.


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Key Developments:

KATHAKALI embraces a long ancient tradition that began with the temple rituals.

KOOTHA took storytelling outside the inner sanctum of the temple.

KOODIYATTAM extended the majestic temple rituals into drama,

ASHTAPADI ATTAM evoked a national awareness of devotion to Lord Krishna,

KRISHNANATTAM released the actor from chanting.

KATHAKALI took spirituality and storytelling into the heart of the people through visual theatre.

Photo credit Mark Bennett – Kalamandalam Barbara Vijayakumar