Major Growth

Major Growth 2000 – 2010

The decade began with a major Millennium Award, the creation of a touring temple, introduction of rituals and the development of our new work.

Kathakali Workshop

A puja to bless Kathakali by Kathakali and priest Kalamandalam Nelliyode

2000 -

A Major Millennium Award UK Tour with Kathakali and Theyam - a colourful 1500 year old ritual from north Kerala presented 50 performances, 200 workshops and 100 solo performances. One of the performances was in a marquee in a Somerset village and echoed the open air performances in Kerala.

2001 -

Education UK - 200 workshops and 100 solo performances took Kathakali to thousands in schools and colleges all over the UK.

2002 -

Tour UK - Kathakali - 47 performances, 200 workshops and 100 solo performance. Returning to existing audiences and reaching new audiences is building a strong base for Kathakali in this country.

2003 -

Education tour 50 full company performances and 200 workshops and 100 solo performances. We took the full company into schools to take Kathakali into the heart of education.

Kathakali Dancers

2004 -

Education UK 200 workshops and 100 solo performances. Continuing to provide access through practical workshops our education programme is growing. 2005 - Educational full company tour including Kathakali and Barathanatyam - the classical dance of south India presenting 50 performances and 200 workshops in music, drama and dance including the Isles of Scilly where everything is transported by boat.

2006 -

UK Tour - A major heritage project celebrating Asian and Celtic Storytelling - supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund England South East and Scotland.

2007 -

Education in UK - 200 workshops and 50 solo performances. The Company toured in Kerala, India to establish support for young Kathakali artists.

2008 -

UK Kathakali Tour – Kathakali came of age as it celebrated 21 years of touring in Britain. With the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund we researched the historical journey of the Mudras - the 4,000 year old sign language used in Kathakali to tell the story - the very core of human communication. The UK Tour included the great Kathakali legend Padmasree Kalamandalam Gopi, and other outstanding Kathakali artists from Kerala to bring thousands of people to the sign language of Kathakali.

2009 -

A year of Education in 75 different schools providing access to Kathakali through practical workshops and solo performances