The Early Years

The Early Years 1987 - 1990

The early years was a time of discovery, how to get work permits for our artists, manage Kathakali artists in the UK and getting to know our audiences. We were on the threshold of a new beginning.

Kathakali Dancer
Kathakali Dancer

1987 -

Our first Kathakali UK tour of workshops and performances involved world class artists from Kerala, India and established Southampton as an international touring base for Kathakali outside of India.

1988 -

Performed in Toronto, Canada with the Womad Festival.

Kathakali Summer School UK - Professionals from a wide range of backgrounds attended the Summer School exploring the performing techniques of the Kathakali actor.

UK Tour – performances, workshops and solo performances for all ages. We were given a banquet by Visiting Arts in recognition of the high standard of the tour and care of our guest artists.

World Tour

1989 -

Finland with Womad Festival - to perform in continual sunlight was remarkable.

Education - German Residency of workshops and performances. Our education work was developing all over the UK.

Tour UK - Kathakali and Centre Ocean Stream Performance Art Company brought classical Kathakali and contemporary Centre Ocean Stream Performance Art Company together. Both celebrated the use of colour, visual images and ritual – this was the start of many creative projects.