The workshops and performances of our heritage project are going really well as we deliver activities in local schools and community groups.

People of all ages and abilities learn about Kathakali, the culture, the characters involved and the history of this remarkable art form. 


Mask making workshop.

Making masks is an excellent way to understand Kathakali on a deeper level and enjoy creating something new based on a traditional design.  




These masks, created by people attending Hunters Day Centre, Haslemere, will be displayed as part of the Kerala exhibition at The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre 23rd Oct to 30th Nov 2024. 


Kathakali costume conservation workshop. 

On 23rd April we  had the pleasure of welcoming Jane Pritchard, Curator of Dance from the V&A to our Kathakali Costume Conservation workshop followed by a solo performance, by Kalamandalam Vijayakumar, in full costume and make up hosted by Petersfiled Museum and Art Gallery.  



Members of the group learning how to apply the gold foil onto the wooden ornaments. 



The day ended with a magnificent performance by Kalamandalam Vijayakumar.




"Such a privalage to whitnesseverything, especially the performance" - Lorraine Bain.