Exhibition Comments

The exhibitions feature our Kathakali costumes, 200 year old head-dresses, masks, hangings and photographs. In recent years our heritage projects have included other traditions where comparisons to Kathakali can be explored.

These are your comments...

East Meets West Exhibition Worthing Museum and Art Gallery - Feb - May 2015

“I like the contrast of subjects from different places, painting with costumes, the colours, the film - documentary, the exhibition which was lively and engaging”.

Andrew Grott - 2015

“The exhibition was colourful and exciting to walk into - I really enjoyed it”.

Trinity Cotton - 2015.

“This was a mind blowing experience, bringing together an exhibition which linked the Indian, Romany, Morris and Shepherding culture. Very moving - Thank you”.

Merry - 2015

“As usual your exhibition was wonderful”.

Jean Stirling 2015

“Fantastic, stunning show - Thank you everybody”

Alistair Percival - 2015

“What a fantastic display, so interesting, colourful”

Pam Bennett - 2015

“Excellent exhibition, great to see the power of costumes exhibited. Clothes tell so many stories - thank you”

June Collins - 2015

“Brilliant exhibition. Having been to Bali and seen the Monkey King Dances it brings back memories”.

M Brewster - 2015

“We have just come back from southern India where we saw the Kathakali. Dancers, so really good to see the exhibition here. Particularly interested in the links with gypsies, morris dancing and the Shepherds of West Sussex"


“Fascinating and inspiring - Matt [43 years]
Ooooh - baby Lyra [7 months]
Wonderful and moving - Heather [39 years]
Amazing Amelia [4 years]
Thank you”


“What an amazing performance, such beautiful costumes, Worthing is very lucky”


“Very fascinating - I have learned a lot – Inspirational"


“Wonderful, informative and historical - thank you” - 2015. The best exhibition I have ever seen"

Worthing Museum 2015

“It was wonderful to see so many cultures coming together and finding that the costumes and cultures can be inter linked”

Barbara Austin - Sompting Village Morris Dancers - Worthing Museum 2015

“Thank you for a fantastic day, amazing costumes and incredible performance. Very educational and interesting.”

Paul and Julie, Bournemouth. Worthing Museum 2015.

“What a wonderful evening of cultures from around the world. The costumes are amazing with so much creative work. The star of the night was the performer who brought the costumes alive”.

Tony Garner - Worthing Museum 2015