Due to Covid 19 our National Lottery Heritage Project planned for the Museum of Croydon was postponed until 2021. 

As we slowley come out of lockdown we are discussing how we can take the heriatge of Kathakali and Kerala into the community.


Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

will be hosting an exhibition of costumes, workshops and performances for the academy, local feeder schools and familes.


The Museum of Croydon

is looking for suitable spaces to host an exhibition of costumes and a night of celebration to include South Indian snacks, a guided tour of the exhibition and  performances of Chenda Melam - drumming, Kathakali, Bharatanatyam and Kia Koti Kali [folk dance]. 



will be hosting an evening of Kathakali and Kerala events to celebrate Onam. 


Subrang Arts

will be exploring the similarities between Kathakali and Gujurati fold dance.


Beeja Dance Company

will explore the heritage and techniques of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali.


Play for Progress

will enter the world magical world of Kathakali storytelling and the power of visual theate. 


As soon as we have confirmed details we will post details on our web page - please watch this space.



Our Kathakali costumes are stunning and represent the Hindu deities through the most remarkable visual images in the world of theatre.

Some of the costume sections are over 200 years old showing the carving marks of 18th century craftsmen.

They are the only full set of Kathakali costumes outside of India, are used in our performances and will eventually become part of the Victoria and Albert Museum`s permanent collection.

Workshops and performances reveal what the costumes represent, their history, how they are repaired and how the characters are brought to life by a Kathakali actor.