Arrived in Kerala, south India, after a 9 hour flight form London 


We have arrived in Kerala after a great Air India flight.

The manager couldn`t upgrade us to business class but booked three seats together just for us. Food good, seats comfortable and the 9 hours went quick. 

There were three friends on the flight as well so it was fun. 


Our home


Arrived home and Rajan had the sacred lamp lit and had the house all nice and clean. 




So tired I just slept. 


After a 9 hour flight all I wanted to do was sleep.

Vijaya wasn`t so jet lagged so he was out and about doing things. 




Our lovely room that is so peaceful and cool. 


P K Das Hospital - the hospital that cared form me when I broke my leg in 2020.

Went to see Dr Sreeshob, the doctor who did the opperation on my leg, and I couldn`t have imagined a better reception from the hospital. They put us in a special room, brought us fruit juices, brought the nurses and Dr Sreeshob to see us as a surprise - they didn`t know we  were there - and to see them again was so emotional. They all had the same lovely smiles that greeted me when I was wheeled in 3 years ago in agony, scared and broken. They took me up to the room I stayed in and when I saw the corridor, leading to the room, it was wonderful. When I was last there I was on a stretcher unable to walk and I made a promise to come back one day and walk down that corridor and here I was doing just that. Everyone came to the hospital doors to see us off. What a wonderful hospital!


Our garden full of plants.



Kerala is a beautiful place with coconut trees and banana trees all over our garden.


Ancient heritage 


I feel as if I am plugged into a very ancient and deep heritage. 


Rajan is making lovely meals - we are so lucky.