Kia Kotti Kali in Ottapalam, Kerala.


Kia Kotti Kali in Ottapalam, Kerala

How wonderful to see Kia Kotti Kali, a 2,000 year old dance performed by women, in the garden of the renowned poet and lawyer, P T Narandra Menon and his wife Sukumari Narendra Menon, an internationally accomplished singer and teacher.

People enjoyed music, dancing and food to celebrate Kerala culture in the heart of the community.

This ancient dance provided a place for young women to gather socially, meet other women and exchange ideas.

Kia Kotti Kali in Croydon, London.

Kia Kotti Kali travelled to Croydon when people migrated to the town and brought this ancient dance with them.

Kia Kotti Kali will be performed in 2021 as part of the Kathakali “Life Behind the Costume” Heritage Project held at the Museum of Croydon.

Date to be confirmed.

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