Thank you To The Malayalee Association Uk 8th June 2019


Thank you to everyone at the Malayalee Association UK [MAUK] for kindly hosting and excellent exhibition of Kathakali costumes and a workshop offering a rare opportunity to study the story of Poothana Moksham depicting the evil Poothana attempting to kill the baby Lord Krishna.

Poothana disguised as a beautiful lady searches for Lord Krishna. She learns to love the baby and doesn`t want to kill him but is afraid of the evil King who is ordering her to do this terrible thing. She eventually finds salvation as she dies because she has been killed by Krishna.

Kathakali actor - Kalamandalam Vijayakumar led the workshop enabling a group of interested people to explore how the story is told and how the thoughts and feelings of Poothana are expressed.


Kathakali make up specialist - Kalamandalam Barbara Vijayakumar explained how the costumes and make up is a vital part of a Kathakali play.


Kindly funded by the National lottery heritage Fund.